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LA 2050 Grants Challenge

August 20th, 2014 Posted by LA 2050 Grant Challenge, News No Comment yet


One of our current projects, Out The Window, places video art in the midst of busy commuting traffic on all of LA Metro Buses for over 1 million people to see.

Let’s create a place where artists, organizations, and communities can come together in collaboration and dialogue through a permanent platform showcasing video in public spaces.

Together we can make this happen with the LA2050 Grant Challenge.

Out The Window strives to:

  • Keep Art Moving
  • Connect artists with commuters
  • Create a multicultural, multi-aesthetic platform for the arts

Voting begins September 2, but the discussion is now open!

What do you think? Leave a comment on the DISCUSSION section at the bottom of the page to get the conversation going.

PLEASE VOTE! September 2nd through September 16th.  SPREAD THE WORD!