Contest!! Contest!!

We want to hear from you! Taking advantage of Transit TV’s interactive system, bus riders can text responses to questions posed at the end of each video by artists and community curators. Questions will be presented in English and Spanish. DVD prizes go to the most creative responses to each video!

How does it work?


July 19, 2013: Clean Square by Jason Jenn & Roland Rodriguez

What would you clean?



July 5, 2013: Can You See Me? by Lisa Dianne Wedgeworth

What does she see?



July 1, 2013: Homing by Arjuna Neuman

Where is home for you?




June 28, 2013: Game Over by Seyed Monsen & Pourmonsehi Shakib

Who are you fighting with?




June 26, 2013: Fitted Sheets by Unite Here Local 11, Antonio Mendoza

What can we do for her?



June 24, 2013: Party Time, Excellent by Robin Adams

What is CicLAvia?



June 14, 2013: Piccolina by Caress Reeves

What is your baggage?



June 7, 2013:  Pupa by Ray Bravo

What do you fear?




May 24, 2013:  L.A. Nature by Julian Brummitt

What is the nature of LA?




May 17, 2013:  The Female Report/ El Reporte Femenil by Carolyn Castano

What is Feminism?




May 6, 2013:   Maria Callas: Portrait by Ian S. Young by David Geathers

Who is Maria Callas?




April 29, 2013:  Reverie by Jaro Minne

What happens next?



November 26-27, 2011: Maravilla Handball Court by Manuel Huerta

What places matter most to you?




November 25, 2011: Hood Ornament by Skip Arnold

What would be a good hood ornament?




November 24, 2011:  I (Balloon) L.A. by Michael Rippens

What’s an encounter you had on L.A. streets?




November 23, 2011: Algae Bloom by Jeff Chabot

Is LA River beautiful or ugly?




November 22, 2011:  No Strings Attached by Pascual Sisto

Who’s pulling the strings?




November 21, 2011:  The Soft Epic, or Savages of the Pacific West by Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib

Are we separate from animals?




November 19-20, 2011: Triggernometry by Arnaldo Vargas

What’s your sound track for LA?




November 18, 2011: Ix Chel by Nancy Jean Tucker

What comes out at night?




November 17, 2011: Grapevine Landscan by Center for Land Use Interpretation

What is your escape from L.A.?




November 16, 2011: Take Fountain by Stephen Van Dyck

What do you wish to do but are afraid to? 




November 15, 2011: Cine(ma) by Paolo Davanzo

Is TV good or bad company?




November 14, 2011: Juan Fish Testimonial by Arturo Romo- Santillano

What’s poetic about LA?




November 12, 2011: Jolly Blues by Khari Scott

What do you like about your neighborhood?




November 11, 2011: At the Light of Dawn by Ivan Limas

What meaningful accessory did you see today?



November 10, 2011: Look at Me by Willie Middlebrook

Are you your face?




 November 9, 2011: Sustainable Crenshaw by Regina Kimbell

Which traditions contribute to a sustainable future?




November 8, 2011: Traffic by Ann Kaneko

Do crowds scare you?




November 7, 2011: Odyssey by Zig Gron

What does this video remind you of?




November 5-6, 2011: Sign People  by Roman Jaster

What is the oddest job you have had?




November 4, 2011: What do you love? by Isabel Avila

What do you love?




November 3, 2011: Melrose Whoopee by Poli Marichal

What would your sign say?




November 2, 2011: Ad or Art? by Lisa Marr

Can Ads be Art?




November 1, 2011: Re/ Trato by Oscar Munoz

Is the impermanent beautiful?




October 31, 2011: Ass on the Street by Elana Mann

What is her purpose?




October 29-30, 2011: Sound is Good by Tucker Neel




 October 28, 2011: Make-Out Session by Micol Hebron

What do you do alone?




October 27, 2011: Remember Venice by Will Oloudhlen

What has Venice lost?


October 26, 2011: Transparent Traveler by Jeremy Eichenbaum

What loop are you stuck in?




October 25, 2011: Host Landscapes: Indian Places in the Los Angeles Basin

Can you imagine L.A. in 1492?




October 24, 2011: Maravilla Handball Court by Manuel Huerta

What place matters most to you?




October 22, 2011: Trifecta by Laurel Beckman

Why should some buildings be round ?

  • Round buildings have the least surface area for their volume. This minimizes heat loss. Buildings that need to stay warm could be round.




October 21, 2011:  405 North, 405 South by Annetta Kapon

Was that really the 405 ?

  • Was that really the 405? NO….it was sequence being pulled opposite directions.




October 20, 2011: City Heights by Jovanna Tosello & Cecilia de Jesus

Where has inspiration taken you? ?

  • inspiration has taken me to hollywood following my dreams of becoming a superstar.
  • To the streets!




October 19, 2011: Something Small by Elyse Emdur

What are you seeking today? ?

  • Daily i seek immortality, to be remember for what i did and who i was.
  • Si




October 18, 2011: El Gallo Tony by Joe Forney and Gavin Blackstock

What do you think of ice cream truck music? ?

  • I think of my childhood when i hear ice cream truck music.
  • It will always be in bedded in kids even to grown ups, u remember hearing that asking your parents 4 $. Even though u had 2 chase down u still was happy cause.
  • U got your ice cream.




October 17, 2011: (Balloon) L.A. by Michael Rippens

What’s an encounter you had on L.A. streets?




October 15, 16, 2011: Tochtil (the Aztec bunny)

Why an Aztec bunny in Chinatown?




October 14, 2011: L.A. Women by Victoria Delgadillo

What do you value about women ?

  • s having assisted humans to discern edible plants, as well as, for example, the different colored rings around and identifying poisonous snakes such as.




October 13, 2011: Fragments by Jody Zellen

Is anything black and white ?

  • Karl Lagerfeld’s suits, frequently.
  • Yeah, there are some things that are black and white, but not much.
  • Si




October 12, 2011: Painting the Town by Megan May Daalder

Who is invisible in L.A.?

  • The homeless




October 11, 2011: Relay by Michael Parker

Is power vertical or horizontal ?




October 10, 2011: Apart/ Together by Jesse Fleming

Who’s your flock?




 October 8-9, 2011: Senselessness by Suzanne Oshinsky

How do you know you are making sense?




October 7, 2011: The California Landscape by Peter Bill

Should L.A. River be made a free graffiti zone ?

      • Yes it should there will always be art in LA that is viewed differently by people and it would allow for less crimnal activities to go on
      • Yes! Please clean it up! Real art pieces should stay.
      • Yes
      • Los Angeles river should not be made graffiti zone




October 5, 2011: L.A. Often Comes to Me by Zanny Begg

What’s the difference between LA and Hollywood?

  • The difference is that L.A. is for the sleepy while Hollywood is a dream.
  • La is a megopolis; hollywood is a state of mind.
  • L.A is a city of Angeles and Hollywood is a city of a Movie Stars



October 4, 2011: Book Drag by Micol Hebron

What’s your favorite book? ¿Cuál es tu libro favorito?

  • Tuesdays with Maury
  • Why johnny cant read by rudolph flesch and the bible the new american standard version
  • George Lemus – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
  • made an impression on the people around you that physically saw you do it. Great job! Much love and respect, -Jessica Waffles
  • Dune by Frank Herbert




October 3, 2011: Boyle Heights by Allen Colombo

Why value the past?



October 1,2, 2011: Fantasmas de Los Angeles by Patrick Miller

What’s the sound of a bike ride?