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About Freewaves

An online magnet for the media arts, FREEWAVES is a grassroots yet global arts organization connecting innovative, relevant, independent new media from around the world.


  • Anne Bray, Executive Director
  • Charlene Boehne, Assistant Director
  • Richard Amromin, Development Director
  • Lynn Hasty, Green Galactic, Publicity
  • Alex Louie, Visual Interface Design
  • David Grey, Graphic Design
  • Kevin Tanaka, Web Architect
  • Rachelle Gray, Web Production
  • David Villatoro, Web Intern
  • Brian Bedard, Flash Interface Programming
  • Shinichi Ono, Video Editor
  • Susan Braig, Accounting
  • Janet Lee, Administrative Intern
  • Claire Haasl, Outreach Consultant
  • Chelsie Ricci, Event Planner
  • Douglas McCulloh, Creator: On the Boulevard
  • Sara Daleiden, Outreach Coordinator
  • Tania Picasso, Intern


  • Fabian Wagmister
  • Jeff Burke
  • Ryan Dorn
  • Alessandro Marianantoni
  • Francesco Capodieci
  • Vidyut Samanta
  • Alejandro Wagmister
  • Taylor Fitz-Gibbon
  • James Dellemonico
  • Diego Robles


  • Andre Blas
  • Anne Bray
  • Julia Carnahan
  • Felicia Filer
  • Gabriela Jauregui
  • Bill Kelley
  • Carly Kimmel


  • Magali Arriola: Art critic and independent curator from Mexico
  • Ciara Ennis: Director and Curator of the Pitzer Art Galleries
  • Suhjung Hur: Writer and curator at Art Center Nabi in Seoul
  • Julie Lazar: Independent Curator and ICAN Director
  • Kenneth Rogers: Media and Cultural Studies Professor at UC Riverside
  • Chris Scoates: Director of California State Long Beach University Art Museum
  • Thenmozhi Soundararajan: Director of Third World Majority, filmmaker, media organizer
  • Jennifer Teets: Independent curator based in New York and formerly Istanbul
  • Reggie Woolery: Curator of Education for the California Museum of Photography

With Assistance From:

  • Muu Blanco: Performative multimedia artist in Caracas
  • Antonio Pasolini: Brazilian editor at London

Additional Thanks To:

Leon Burnette, Franco Castilla, Nicole Gordillo, Dana Maiden, Hugh Bush Crum, Cynthia Haagens, Justin Hoffman, John Mabey, Beverly O’Neill, Ingrid Peterson, Carol Stakenas, Judith Teitelman, Clean Streets, GLEH, LACER Stars, Le Conte Middle School, Jennifer Gross, Evolutionary Media, NOKIA, CENS (UCLA), School of Theater, Film & TV (UCLA)