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Gender Justice LA

Gender Justice is presenting Project Q.
We are a grassroots organization building the the power of the transgender and gender non-conforming community here in LA.
We build campaigns to break the barriers that directly impact low-income trans people of color by focusing on health, wellness, peace and safety.
Run political education and leadership development programs that build a base of skilled, confident and unified trans leaders to fight for change.
Create safe spaces through peer-support groups and community events that highlight the strength, power and resilience of our entire community.
Dignity & Justice Campaign advocates for safe and respectful treatment of the trans community by LAPD. We work to change guidelines and practices and hold the police accountable to the rules for the trans community's peace and safety.
Community Clinics Campaign (C3) advocates for affordable, culturally competent transgender healthcare. We work with community clinics to expand the services they offer to the trans community, advocating for both primary healthcare and transition-related services.