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Art and Cake review with numerous photos of Love And/Or Fear, (

“A Public Performance in Hollywood Will Celebrate Intersectional Gender Identities” written by Hyperallergic, previewing Love And/Or Fear, (September 2, 2019

“LOVE &/OR FEAR takes gender expression to the streets” by Los Angeles Blade, (August 29, 2019

KChung Radio Interview by Carol Cheh on “Performance Now: Freewaves history & DIS…MISS,” (September 15, 2019).

Hyperallergic preview of Ain’t I A Womxn? (July 25, 2018).

“How the Art World Works” Karen Atkinson interviews Anne Bray about public media art, (October 5, 2017).

KCET “Listening to the Male Gaze: Voice Politics in the Videos of Adebukola Bodunrin” review by Myriam Gurba, the video part of the DIS…MISS video series, (August 2, 2017).

KCET Holly Willis preview of Hollywould, (October 8, 2008).

KCET Holly Willis interview of Anne Bray, (Spring 2003 Vol. 5, No. 3).

Books and Journals

Article, A Massive Multi-Faceted Screening Room: LA Freewaves Curates Hollywood Boulevard by Matt Reynolds in Civic SpectaclePublic 45, Art Culture Ideas, Toronto, Canada.

Book, Pixels and Places, Video Art in Public Space by Catrien Schreuder, NAI Publishers, Amsterdam, NL.

Article, A Plea for the Media Arts by Mirjam Struppek in Public Art Review, Moving Videos by Eve Wood in Artillery Vol 6 Issue 3.

Select Quotes

Great… The shows are eclectic but unified thematically and they bring the best of the wild world of video art here to Los Angeles. – LA Weekly

[Freewaves] remains true to the original spirit of independence… Fearlessly taking risks, the artists showcased throughout the festival celebrate new ways of seeing… The result is truly visionary. – The Independent

…this high-stakes cultural drama perched on the thin blurred line between commerce and creative independence. – Los Angeles Times

Article shows photograph of Freewaves event at the Hammer Museum.