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Group Bike Ride

Group Bike Ride

Lighting up hidden spaces is a participatory bicycle light show that invites all community members to come and dress your bikes for a bike show. Join People for Mobility Justice (fka MCM) for this night ride presented by Metro’s Bicycle Education Safety Training (BEST) Program.

We will meet at the Chinatown Gold Line Station and begin our short ride around the park to show off all of our lights and reflective gear. We will then end the ride at the LA State Historic Park where we will join with the activities of “Aint I a Womxn?”, an outdoor participatory event featuring independent artists and art groups. There cyclists will open the stage to talk about our hidden stories via an open mic and testimony from locals and their relationship to this land and lived experiences of displacement.

See link for details:

People for Mobility Justice (formerly Multicultural Communities for Mobility) conducts culturally competent, multilingual safety and advocacy workshops, programs, and campaigns, in coalition with low-income focused groups in the City of Los Angeles.

PMJ exists to improve the quality of life for underserved low-income communities of color by empowering and engaging community leaders at the local level to advocate & educate for safer bikeways, walkable communities and access to mass transit for all.

PMJ advocates for safe, alternative transportation access in underserved communities of color within greater Los Angeles. PMJ sees bikes, access to adequate sidewalks, and mass transit options as part of the movement for social justice. They seek to create a new consciousness that allows low-income communities to be safer, healthier when biking, walking and using mass transit.

 When everyone in LA has an equal voice in creating safe places to walk, bike and access mass transit, their work will be realized.