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Grupo Huaxyacac

Founded in Los Angeles in 1989, Grupo Folklorico Huāxyacac preserves and disseminates Oaxacan culture through dance. “Huāxyacac” (pronounced “wah-she-YAH-cack”) is a Nahuatl word meaning “Place of the Guaje,” and refers to the pre-colonial region of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, where the Guaje tree originates. Performing in Guelaguetza festivals across California, and offering free dance classes led by Graciela Molina, Grupo Huāxyacac joyously affirms their cultural identity and traditions. As proud members of the mestizo and indigenous community, they return to Oaxaca every July for the biggest Guelaguetza of them all, a multi-region celebration dating back thousands of years. Instagram: grupo.folklorico.huaxyacac

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