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Reach LA

Motivating young LGBT people of color, ages 16 to 35, to increase self-care by providing social and sexual health services through an empowering community engagement process employing the visual and performing arts. REACH LA was founded in 1992 by 3 women artists, whose mission was to build partnerships between urban youth and artists, where youth could design ways in which pertinent social issues were addressed through creative means. Today REACH LA continues the mission of its founders with the creation of new and innovative programs that educate, motivate, and mobilize LA’s urban youth and young adults to improve their lives and communities.

REACH LA is a revolutionary and innovative organization that transforms the lives of transition-age urban youth by providing pathways to success, in an environment that ignites passion and creativity. REACH LA’s business is to make young people’s lives better by helping them to create meaning and purpose in their own lives, and by giving them the tools to share value and connect with others. REACH LA is building a community of urban youth, where color, race, gender, sexuality, and health status are no longer the determining factors of success, and where insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo are the drivers.