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Reanne Estrada & C. Ree

Reanne Estrada is Los Angeles-based visual artist whose practice includes individual studio work in drawing, sculpture and installation, as well as collaborative work in performance, video and photography with Mail Order Brides/M.O.B. and socially-engaged art with Public Matters, a social enterprise for which she serves as Creative Director. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and film/video festivals throughout the United States, as well as the Philippines, Italy, Canada and Argentina.

Ree’s new genre practice focuses on "everydayness" and monstrous and fantastic forms that trouble arenas of public circulation. Ree launched Drive-By Cinema, a two-year experimental mobile art project, and has published articles on art, colonialism, dispossession and haunting.  She is 1/3 of the artist group Super Futures Haunt Collective, a film programmer for the San Diego Asian Film Festival, and Associate Faculty of Art at MiraCosta College.

Since 2015, their multi-modal collaboration has explored transmissions between alternate systems of knowledge and everyday worldmaking such as the Korean practice of dream buying/selling, fandom, and culture parks. Their work has shown in Korea, San Diego and Los Angeles. Estrada & Ree have known each other since The Smiths were still a band.