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Ain’t I’ma Snatch   

by a post apocalyptic, Black Indigenous,  Femme Liberation Artist Collective

#SNATCHPOWER is deliberate and fearless. We are diverse in how we define ourselves in terms of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and religion, but united in our commitment to self-definition, self-expression, self-governance, and non-hierarchical collaboration. We endeavor to subvert the hegemonic mainstream through radical (feminist, Afro-futuristic, queer) artistic expression. In coming together to harness the transformative power of this creative energy, we can and will #SNATCHPOWER from those who try to oppress ours.

Members performing this evening:

Upper left: Medulla Oblongata, The Uhuruverse, Sarah Gail

Lower Left: Davia Spain, Ayotunde Osareme, sondriaWRITES