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Yarning Bombing Los Angeles

Yarn Bombing Los Angeles is a fiber arts community that engages thousands of people online, worldwide, and locally in the Los Angeles area. YBLA currently collaborates with city governments, museums, alternative art spaces, and public spaces to create thought-provoking, community-generated public art installations.

YBLA's work blends and reinterprets different artistic genres of street art, public art, fiber art, social practice, craft, and high art. YBLA's mission is to create a form of community-generated, site-specific public art that is tactile and accessible, while at the same time initiating dialogue about cross-generation connections and craft history.

This installation of  YBLA is  coordinated by David Orozco with

Britta Amundsen
Amy Bauer
Diane Bush
CHoLA DAYAM  (Bridgette G, Cassie P.,  J9,  Carrie C., Christina Esquibel
Rachel Decker
Frances Garretson
Joe Gott
Kristen Johannesen
Theresa Knopf
Julie Kornbloom
David Orozco
Linda Ramirez
Judy Richards
Muriel Stern
Sarah Todd
Anne Vetto
Party Witch
Stefa Witt