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Join us on Friday, October 10, at Side Street Projects

Freewaves, Anne Bray and the attendees of ArtNight Pasadena will collaborate to present a new kind of interactive public work exploring current attitudes towards art and world events. Freewaves’ videos by the following artists will be looped throughout Side Street Projects’ walls, screens, fences, and patio.

Can You See Me by Lisa Diane Wedgeworth
Re/Trato by Oscar Munoz
Look at Me by Willie Middlebrook
Odyssey by Zig Gron
Piccolina by Caress Reeves
Homing by Arjuna Neuman
Painting the Town by Megan May Daalder
Ass on the Street by Elana Mann
Art or Ads by Lisa Marr
Grapevine Landscan by Center for Land Use Interpretation
Game Over by Seyed Mohsen & Pourmehseni Shakib

Along side of Freewaves’ artist videos, Anne Bray and friends of Freewaves, Vera Makianich, Daniel Garcia and Cindy Ly Rozas will show micro projections on attendees and surfaces throughout Side Street Projects. Using micro handheld projectors, they will project video loops of 2 similarly spelled words with juxtaposed meanings onto the crowd as they watch the above artists’ videos.

The question is HOW CAN ART CHANGE THE WORLD TODAY? We encourage you to post answers on Twitter with the hashtag #questiontheprojection. All responses will be projected on Side Street’s back wall creating a communal feed of reactions. Stickers with social media handle and hashtag will be handed out