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As many of you know, our video archive has been redesigned with a whole new interface, featuring personalized accounts, user playlists, tutorials, and carefully selected playlists by our curatorial team. We want this to be a publicly accessible online environment encouraging the making, sharing, and dialogue of new video art, an articulation of digital public space, as well as a tutorial on media art curation and a means of expanding the curatorial community for personal expression.

You can browse through our extensive list of videos and keep track of your favorites.

You can create playlists based on your favorite videos.

You can share your playlists with your community. We can help you organize!

ARTISTS, EDUCATORS, STUDENTS, ASPIRING CURATORS, ACTIVISTS, MEDIA ARTS ENTHUSIASTS: During this initial phase of the new archive, we are looking for users to create a free account and test the new features. Log in to and start curating your playlists. We would love your feedback!