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Making Waves in Art and Culture.

Provoking Social Transformation

LA Freewaves, an iconic art non-profit based in Los Angeles, is at the forefront of sparking social transformation through provocative and inclusive artistic expressions that challenge perceptions of race and gender. Join our progressive art movement as we engage communities, champion social justice, and empower diverse voices to shape a more inclusive and vibrant world.

30+ Years of Impact

For over 30 years, since our inception in 1989, LA Freewaves has been a catalyst for change, pushing the boundaries of artistic exploration and creating thought-provoking dialogues. Through our innovative programs, events, and exhibitions, we cultivate a vibrant community of artists, thinkers, and activists dedicated to challenging societal norms and fostering inclusivity.






June 22, 2024


Free art healing event (2023)

Heal Hear Here

Night of video, art, and performances (2022)

X-aMEN-ing Masculinities


Generating new woke words (2019-2020)

Racial Radical

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"Dis...Miss Gender?" the Book - now available!

This captivating book delves into the ever-evolving landscape of gender, featuring contributions from 100 artists and writers who challenge societal norms. With lavish illustrations, essays by renowned gender theorists, and insightful commentary, this thought-provoking tapestry ignites a robust dialogue on identity, art, and equality. Prepare to be spellbound by every page as we launch this transformative journey in the upcoming season.

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Uncover the World of Visual Expressions:
Dive into our Video Archive

Immerse yourself in over 500 captivating video art pieces sourced from across the globe. Our public, free, accessible archive fosters a thriving community of creators, sharers, and curators, expanding the boundaries of media art. Experience the transformative power of curated visual narratives at the intersection of innovation, culture, and dialogue. Discover, learn, and get inspired as Freewaves continues to champion independent new media art from our 25+ years.