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Debra Scacco and Joel Garcia

For Water is a transitional sculpture and performance work that celebrates the energy of water in our bodies, our spirits, and in the earth. Situated among an arrangement of angled, reflective panels embedded in a sea of sand (each hand carved with paths of the Los Angeles River), a vocalist will carry out a performance intended to initiate a physical resonance within viewers that creates a kinship between living bodies and water as a living body.

This configuration of site, sound, reflection, and movement will intertwine the performer and audience with the surrounding environment and its history—i.e., the river’s history. Thus, For Water will merge the past, present, and future with the mind and body, a place and its people. This project will be part of Procession, a multifaceted civic activation by Debra Scacco and Joel Garcia, which is slated to premiere next fall as a Fulcrum Arts production.