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Fabian Wagmister — REMAP, UCLA & PedaLudico, cheLA

Fabian’s recent projects consider how we move as a defining factor of individual and collective identity. He combines extensive bicycling derive processes with synchronous interpretive digital tools to generate performative experiences merging territorial engagement, ludic experimentation, and interpretive media expression.

In his bike projects Fabian proposes mechanisms to defunctionalize movement and to recapture its essence as a means to engage, explore, process and express our world.
Fabian is a professor at UCLA where he currently serves as Head of the Film, TV, and Digital Media Production Program. At UCLA he created and co-directs REMAP (Center for Research in Engineering Media & Performance). In his native Argentina he created and directs cheLA (Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano). REMAP and cheLA are dedicated to research, experimentation and production projects exploring collective creativity and digital technologies.