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L.A. Parmelettes

L.A. Parmelettes kick off the evening with an energetic drum-line at the entrance of the park. Each member is clad in varying shades of pink, faces covered up with sunglasses and ski masks. Some hold drumsticks that colorfully light up each time they bang on the drumhead. The group assembles in a circle and starts off in synchronous movement, then takes turns performing solos, highlighting each member’s role in the collective. This celebratory performance offers a visual and sonic disruption, a loud convening, that signals the start of the festival and gathers the audience. They then march into the park, guiding everyone in. The procession moves throughout the field, marking the distinct locations of the evening’s upcoming performances. L.A. Parmelettes is an open-enrollment group that works with people of all ages regardless of their experience in music. Learn more about L.A. Parmelettes here:

The Los Angeles Parmelettes was originally established in 1970, by the lovely Ms. Taylor. and later headed by Director LaKeisha Mack in 1990. The goal is for youth involvement in the drum line to obtain self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and maintain integrity along with supporting our community values. We urge each student to achieve extraordinary levels of excellence and personal greatness while they enjoy using their unique talents and determination to increase their skills.