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Marcos Lutyens — artworxLA

Marcos Lutyens´ artistic practice targets the psychic and emotional well-being of his audiences by skillfully leading participants in hypnotic exercises that affect the deepest levels of their psyche. His works take form in installations, sculptures, drawings, paintings, short films, writings, and performances.

Venues and communities that Marcos Lutyens worked with on this presented project, called Rose River Memorial, include Building Bridges at Bergamot Station, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, UMSL in St Louis, MO, Harlingen, Texas, OCMA in Orange County, Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, Lakeside Village in Culver City, Earth Day in Ojai, Capitol Building in Topeka, Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center in Maui, Burbank City Hall, Las Vegas, NV, Biennial of the Americas, LA Convention Center, State Capitol in Nashville, Bakersfield, Crown Center, Kansas City, MO , Tranquillity Park, Houston, Salinas Valley Health, Salinas and Inner-City Arts.  In the time of COVID-19, Lutyens also created a series of 12 Zoom performances to help the healing process of people in various countries around the world and is currently working on integrating Augmented Reality into Covid memorialization.

In his explorations of consciousness, Lutyens has collaborated with celebrated neuroscientists V. Ramachandran and Richard Cytowic, as much as studying under shamans from different cultures. From these investigations and research, he has worked with visitors´ unconscious states in museums, galleries, and biennales around the world.