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Micaela Tobin & Adam Starkopf — LACE: Music Preview

Music Preview from APOLAKI: Opera of the Scorched Earth

Micaela Tobin is a soprano, sound artist, and teacher based in Los Angeles, CA who specializes in experimental voice and contemporary opera. As a sound artist with a background in opera, Micaela integrates voice and electronics within the genres of noise and drone music. Her work incorporates ritualized gesture and amplified object-symbolism and explores her diasporic identity as a first-generation Filipina-American. Micaela’s vocal practice is based in building connections between the physical voice as a means of empowering one’s ‘inner’ voice and challenging colonial stories and systems.

Adam Starkopf is a drummer and composer born and raised in Los Angeles California. After graduating from arts high school, LACHSA, Adam received a scholarship to the New School University in New York. There he studied contemporary music and drum performance with a focus on improvisation, under the guidance of jazz masters like Charlie Persip, Andrew Cyrille and Reggie Workman to name a few. He currently co-leads Palm Tree Players, a guitar trio rooted in coastal surf and exotica sounds and is a collaborator with Michaela Tobin as a part of White Boy Scream. Adam is releasing his second record in May of 2023 ‘Adam’s Mix Two’. So keep an ear out!