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Amy Chiao — GYOPO

Amy Chiao is a multimedia artist, performer, designer, writer, and director working in site-specific performance installation, durational character development, and materials design. Her practice is playfully rooted in interrogative dramaturgical systems design, developing audience and participant dynamics grounded in satirical investigation of symbolic interactionism between material, man, machine, and milieu. She holds a BFA in textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and an MFA at the California Institute of the Arts (Calarts) in Scene Design with a concentration in Integrated Media. She has performed at Human Resources (LA), Elysian Theater, Walt Disney Modular Theater Lobby (Calarts), Killjoy Collective, the RISD Museum, and online twitch streams. Her practice has been generated through a wide range of different production spaces from community media stations, live theater, to product corporations including the cable access TV station Open Signal Portland Community Media, the clown cohort at Coho Theater, and Nike Inc.